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Volvo L150H Wheel Loader


Within the dynamic landscape of the construction industry, the undeniable fact is that heavy-duty equipment stands as the cornerstone of success. The quality of equipment and machinery is a strategic investment that elevates productivity and shapes the outcomes of projects.​

Inconsistent manual lubrication practices can prove detrimental, leading to equipment breakdowns and suboptimal performance. The downtime of equipment becomes a pressing concern, impacting project timelines and overall operational productivity. Given the intricate correlation between downtime and manual lubrication, integrating cutting-edge lubrication systems becomes imperative to ensure synergy among quality equipment, consistent maintenance practices, and uninterrupted project progress.​


Volvo Singapore delivered an L150H wheel loader to a prominent construction company in Singapore. This customer urgently needed the installation of a lubrication system in a short timeframe. The machine’s downtime bore significant consequences for the customer, reinforcing the importance of timely intervention to ensure minimal disruption to the customer’s operations.​


Volvo Singapore engaged JSG Industrial to supply and install an SKF Lincoln automatic lubrication system onto their L150H wheel loader. Our solution went beyond merely meeting the tight installation schedule; it involved providing a robust and tailored lubrication system, featuring the P203 pump. This strategic approach not only reduced lead times but also enhanced the overall efficiency of the Volvo Wheel Loader L150H, thereby showcasing the true power of engineering excellence and innovation. ​

The P203 lubrication pump, known for its versatility, compact design, and cost-effectiveness, was the ideal solution for supplying grease to 26 critical points. This pump features a housing with an integrated motor, reservoir with a stirring paddle, and a pump element with a pressure-relief valve. It demonstrated its prowess by precisely driving up to three pump elements. ​

Control Flexibility: Equipped with optional control printed circuit boards featuring different operating settings allowed us to tailor the lubrication process to the specific requirements. 

Versatile Reservoir Options: A range of reservoir types offered flexibility in accommodating diverse lubrication requirements, ensuring optimal performance for varying applications. 

Adaptability for Different Power Sources: Whether DC or AC applications, the P203 lubrication pump showcased its adaptability, aligning seamlessly with the power sources available for the construction equipment

Tailored Pumping Elements: The system’s capability to accommodate a variety of pumping elements with different output options ensured precision in delivering the right amount of lubrication to each designated point


Our collaborative efforts redefined equipment performance. Successfully integrating two Volvo Wheel Loader L150H units with SKF Progressive Lubrication Systems, our solution not only met the demanding schedule but also ensured heightened operational efficiency. ​

Choosing Progressive Lubrication Systems enables precise lubrication of up to 26 critical points without inflating costs and has proven to be a reliable solution, optimizing the operational efficiency and performance of heavy-duty equipment. ​

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