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Owners of construction equipment cannot afford equipment failure due to avoidable damage.

Automated lubrication systems provide a way to clean the pins and bushings of contaminants whilst maintaining the right amount of lubricant film on the bearing to minimise wear. Construction machinery with powerful engines produce high temperatures, which increases the risk of fire and personal injury. This risk can be reduced by installing a Muster Fire Suppression System.

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Fire Suppression

Protection of equipment and personnel

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Lubrication Systems

Lubrication solutions for heavy machines

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Range of tools and equipment.

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Fluid Transfer Systems for heavy machines

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Non-Pressure Systems




These sturdy machines operate in severe outdoor environments and handle high loads that are hard on their components. Our selection of products contributes to improved machine longevity, decreased wear and tear, and increased safety.

Bulldozers, Scrapers

Heavy-duty operations like moving materials and levelling the ground put stress and friction on machinery. Proper lubrication reduces the probability of mechanical failure and downtime, and fire suppression systems protect operators and equipment from fire threats caused by gasoline spills, hydraulic leaks, or overheated parts.


Lubricating machinery like skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, and front-end loaders ensures smooth operation, increased equipment longevity, and minimal wear. Suppression systems protect people and machines by adding an additional line of defence against possible fire threats in demanding work conditions.


Dump Trucks

For dump trucks to operate at maximum efficiency, minimise downtime, and prolong component life in challenging conditions, proper lubrication is essential. It’s what our lubricating systems accomplish. For these machines, Muster fire suppression systems provide dependable, proactive fire protection.

Mobile & Crawler Cranes

A mobile crane involves complex mechanisms such as gears, pulleys and hydraulics. The machine experiences considerable strain and proper lubrication promotes smooth operation, reduces wear, and prevents breakdowns. Due to high-pressure hydraulic fluids in mobile cranes, fire suppression is crucial for protecting equipment and operators from potential fire hazards.

Tunnel Boring Machines

A tunnel boring machine (TBM) drills through tough surfaces to create tunnels for transportation and utilities. Lubrication is essential for effective operation and component longevity because of the considerable friction and heat generated during drilling. Given the potential fire hazards from high temperatures and flammable fluids, fire suppression systems are essential to protect the equipment and its operators.

Concrete Batching Plants

A batching plant’s various moving components include aggregate bins, mixers, and conveyor belts. Smooth operation, less wear, energy efficiency, and a longer machine life are all ensured by proper lubrication. An essential layer of protection against possible fire dangers is offered by fire suppression systems.

Tower Cranes

Tower cranes require lubrication to ensure smooth operation, minimise wear, and avoid breakdowns due to spinning parts and gears. This increases crane life and improves energy efficiency. Fire suppression is crucial to protecting equipment and people in mobile cranes because of the hydraulic pressures they operate at.

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Construction Product Range

SLC metering devices

SLC Single-line Compact
Metering Device

The SKF Lincoln SLC metering device is designed for use in high-pressure single-line lubrication systems and features a modular design.

Centromatic Lubrication Pump

For small to mid-sized construction machines, SKF Lincoln P603S and  P653S centromatic pumps and SLC injectors provide an easy-to-install, cost effective single-line lubrication solution.

Ensure all grease points are getting lubricated by centralising your lubrication points to a single lube point. When compared to manual lubrication, this shortens the lubrication time as there is no need to locate points.

Universal Lubrication Kit

JSG has designed a series of kits that suit most standard wheel loaders & excavators makes and models. The simplistic layouts ensure that each point on the machine receives the required grease volume to each lubrication point.

AECP Thumbnail

Compact pump that increases equipment availability and reliability. Ideal for compact machine applications with 50% smaller footprint. Uses standard 400 g grease cartridges with flexible refill options.

Smart A2 Controller

Next generation of smart controllers for progressive lubrication systems.  Integrated IOT solution for managing and monitoring the lubrication system. Bluetooth connectivity and easy to use Autolube app.

JSG High Chief Pump

Grease transfer with the Australian-made JSG High Chief Hydraulic grease pump, which has been a quality leader in hydraulic grease pumps for automatic lubrication systems for 25 years.

Power luber grease guns

A lithium-ion battery-powered grease gun with necessary features for challenging tasks, the 20-volt PowerLuber combines power and versatility.

Lincoln Grease Guns

Lincoln grease guns have a cast iron pump head, a precisely fitted plunger, and an extra-heavy follower spring, made to withstand harsh use on the job.

Pneumatic Piston Oil Pumps

Faicom oil pumps guarantee steady oil delivery due to the small and powerful pneumatic double-cylinder engine of the pump.

Non pressure system

Non-Pressure fuelling systems are often considered complicated. The Flomax solution offers simplicity with requiring few components that work together systematically across various vehicles and machinery.

Hose Reels

Hose reels include hoses for air, water, chemicals, and other applications that are relevant to construction work, such cleaning, dust control, and other water-related duties.

Muster Foam Family (NEW)

Essential for the construction industry due to inherent fire risks associated with equipment, flammable materials, and the environment.


Solid aerosol systems represent an innovative approach to fire protection. They produce a dense cloud of fine solid particles to suppress fires.

Muster IPS Family - new

Impulse Powder System is particularly suitable for enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces where traditional suppression methods might not be as effective.

TUFF System

Readily available fire fighting unit  providing a flexible fire protection solution. Easily attached or positioned on mobile equipment or the back of a support vehicle.

Universal Lubrication Kits

For standard wheel loaders & excavators

From a fleet of construction machines to owner operators, maintenance is critical. JSG Industrial Systems can assist with providing central lubrication systems and kits that will optimise performance and reliability, increase productivity and reduce downtime. The simplistic layouts ensure that each point on the machine receives the required grease volume to each lubrication point.

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Lubrication Systems

Machine reliability is greatly impacted by lubrication. To help you achieve the highest levels of machine efficiency, safety, and dependability, we offer solutions.

Fire Suppression

A major risk in industrial environments is fire. To meet your needs, we provide a variety of fire suppression systems.

Fluid & Instrumentation

Instrumentation enables better management & control of processes. We provide a selection of options for precise fluid measurement and transfer with minimal downtime.

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