PT JSG International - Our Goal

To supply high quality engineered systems that meet performance expectations & provide immediate to long-term financial returns to our customers.

PT JSG International is a proud supplier of quality industrial products, all of which are designed to address potential risks, reduce maintenance costs & to improve the overall management of the company’s assets. Our focus is to provide the best possible technical support, field testing, technical analysis, & ongoing product development. The reliability of our products is testament to the structured approach we take to Engineered Industrial Systems.

A Structured Approach

Our portfolio is grouped into 5 key product platforms. This approach enables us to group together complementary products & solutions, required for various industrial sectors. Each of our platforms are supported by a dedicated team of Product Specialists within our Engineering Systems Technical Support division. These specialists are available for onsite work, technical training sessions, & of course after-sales support to our distribution network & end-user markets.

Distributor Network

In each of the geographic areas we support, we have a network of carefully-selected Platform Partners. These qualified professionals provide local area support to all of our valued end-user customers. Each Platform Partner has access to our online systems which gives them 24/7 visibility of service sheets & technical libraries that may be required in the lifetime of your product. Once systems are installed & commissioned, our Platform Partners assist with ongoing training, servicing, upgrades & maintenance.

Our Valued Brands