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Around 56% of premature bearing failures can be attributed to issues related to lubrication practices or contamination in industrial settings. Using the wrong type of lubricant, or degradation of the lubricant over time, can lead to increased friction and heat, resulting in wear, damage, or even seizure of the bearing.

On the other hand, contamination of the lubricant or the bearing environment with foreign particles such as dust, dirt, or metal shavings, can cause abrasive wear and deterioration of the bearing surfaces. Minimise contamination by doing the following process.


Solutions Designed to Reduce Contamination


Spectrum Oil Containers

The Trico range of Spectrum oil containers are robust and durable that keep lubricants free from dust, dirt, water and other contaminants. They are a component of the Spectrum visual lubrication management system, have an ergonomic design, and a small footprint. Using colour identifiers makes it possible to manage the lubricant at every stage of the supply chain.


Spectrum Nozzle Lids

These oil container nozzle lids are part of the Spectrum visual lubrication management system.  Available in 3 sizes and 10 colours for easy identification. Feature a non-slip grip and are easy to open.


Spectrum Pump Storage Lids

The pump storage lids for Spectrum oil containers are multi-purpose lids allow for the quick pouring of oils. Fitting the hand pump allows lubricant to pump from 8, 11 and 15 litre spectrum oil containers. Lids are available in 10 colours.


Spectrum Oil Container Hand Pumps

Well suited for oil top-off applications that are difficult to get to. Supplied with a hose and anti-drip nozzle. Easily fit the hand pump to a Spectrum storage lid and match to a suitable Trico Spectrum oil container.


Spectrum Breather Vents

Breather vents are available in 10 colours and can be combined with the oil container lid colour. Use as a secondary colour option. Easily twists to open and close with ease providing hands free and ergonomic control.

Grease Pump Carry Kit

Faicom grease dispensing kits are practical, compact and portable pump kits. The handle is directly fixed to the pump. Designed to be combined with hose reels up to 15m in length. The double-effect pumping system ensures greater efficiency and allows regular distribution and greater flow.

Grease Pump Trolley Kit

Faicom grease dispensing trolley kits are practical, compact and portable. The handle is directly fixed to the pump. The trolley system easily moves product to the application. Designed to be combined with hose reels up to 15m in length. The double-effect pumping system ensures greater efficiency and allows regular distribution and greater flow.

Grease Pump Trolley Kit, 180kg

Faicom grease dispensing trolley kits are suitable for 180/200 kg drums. Ideal for applications where a large consumption of grease is required. The four-wheel trolley is equipped with a brake. 

Pneumatic Piston Oil Pumps

Faicom oil pumps are available in stub and 205L drum versions. Designed with a double action pumping system to ensure constant delivery of oil.  A unique pneumatic double-cylinder motor results in a powerful and compact size. Carefully selected materials guarantee high reliability and resistance to wear. All pumps include a bung bush.

Pneumatic Piston Pump with Meter

This Faicom oil pump kit comes with standard pump, digital meter and valve. Suitable for the transfer of oil and used with 205L tanks and drums. Designed to be combined with hose reels up to 15 m in length. 

High Flow Oil Pump Wall Mount Kit

Faicom high flow oil pump wall mount kit comes with pump, wall bracket, hose and tank pick up.  Suitable for the transfer of oil and used with 205L tanks and drums. Designed to be combined with hose reels up to 15 m in length. 


Single-Line Lubrication Systems

For small to medium line lengths and most lubricants. Consists of a central pump station that automatically supplies lubricant through a single supply line to the injectors. Each injector is dedicated to one lubrication point and can be finely adjusted to deliver the exact amount of grease or oil needed. These systems can service a single machine, different zones on one machine or several separate machines. 



Progressive Lubrication Systems

For small to mid sized machines needing continuous lubrication. Designed with a pump connected to at least one primary metering device, providing continuous lubrication. Progressive lubrication systems use a pump connected to primary metering devices to ensure continuous lubrication. Additional secondary metering devices can be added to expand the number of lubricated points, with predefined amounts of lubricant evenly distributed.



Multi-Line Lubrication Systems

For high stressed machines in sensitive environments. Consists of a pump unit, control and monitoring devices, tubing and fittings. In this system, each lubrication point has its own dedicated pumping element, resulting in a simple, accurate, and highly reliable design. Multi-line pumps can be actuated through various means, including mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic methods. 



Dual-Line Lubrication Systems

Suitable for large systems with dispersed lubrication points. Operates through the utilisation of two main lines, which are alternately supplied with lubricant from a high-pressure pump. These systems can accurately distribute measured lubricant over distances up to 120m and serve up to 2,000 lubrication points, making them suitable for large machinery and harsh environments.



Grease filter for larger grease reservoirs

For use in single-line lubrication systems with larger grease reservoirs.

Lubricant contamination is one of the worst problems a single-line lubrication system must face. This high pressure, high flow filter is designed for single-line lubrication systems with larger reservoirs, typically found in mining environments.  Contamination negatively affects the reliability of the equipment being lubricated.




Grease filter for small grease reservoirs

For use in single-line and progressive lubrication systems. 

Developed to minimise contaminants entering the automatic lubrication system during the fill process of smaller sized reservoirs. This filter ensures the system starts the lubrication process with clean grease.  Can be mounted inline of mounted away from the reservoir for easier access. 


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