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Automatic and Manual Pumps

Automatic and manual pumps are critical components in the operation of heavy equipment, serving distinct but equally vital roles. Automatic pumps, often powered by hydraulic or pneumatic systems, are designed for efficiency and precision.

They are used in scenarios where consistent, regulated flow is essential, such as in hydraulic systems of excavators or loaders, where they ensure smooth operation and reduce the risk of mechanical failures. The automation in these pumps allows for the optimization of performance with minimal human intervention, thus enhancing productivity and safety in heavy-duty operations.


Types of Lubrication Pumps

ZPU 01 / 02 pump unit

Reliable and versatile electric pump for use in progressive or dual line lubrication systems. Depending on the layout, these high-pressure, high-volume  pumps can supply lubricant within a 50m radius at a maximum pressure of 400bar.



Multilube Pump Unit

Designed for heavy machines and equipment. Offering a compact size, but still includes all key components and functions required for a lubrication pumping unit as control unit, pump, reservoir, directional valve and pressure monitor.



P215 Pump Unit

Up to 15 elements can be driven by this multi-line, high-pressure pump. There are adaptable element sizes to choose from. It can operate as a centralised lubrication pump in large progressive systems or handle the direct supply of lubrication locations.



KGF Pump

Electrically operated pump suitable for single-line or progressive lubrication systems. Designed for extreme conditions and constructed from durable materials and robust components. Reduced installation time with a plug-and-play pump design.




Durable and reliable electric pump suitable for multi-line and progressive lubrication systems. Designed for continual lubrication of machines and systems operating in harsh environments. Suitable for oil or grease.



ZPU 08/14/24

Robust electric pump used primarily in dual-line lubrication systems. Depending on the system layout can supply lubricant at distances of up to 120m and more at a maximum pressure of 400bar. Simple to service with built in lubricant filter.




P 203 lubricating pump: multipurpose, small, and affordable. The line length determines how many lubrication locations it can supply – up to 150.



FlowMaster Electric

With its innovative rotary drive and modular gear set, the compact and adaptable pump’s motor can be precisely adjusted to suit your application’s needs.



FlowMaster Hydraulic

High-performance FlowMaster hydraulic pumps function in both extreme temperatures – the arctic and desert – by combining reciprocating pump tubes, rotary-driven pump motors, and adaptable control features.




With its seven reservoir sizes to choose from, this next-generation, more affordable pump package may be readily customised to match a wide range of applications. Additionally, it communicates with the telematics systems found in modern heavy machinery.



The AECP is a compact pump designed to deliver lubricant from a cartridge to progressive lubrication systems. The compact profile offers a smaller footprint than standard reservoir pumps yet maintains the same performance and reliability.


Pneumatic Piston Grease Pumps

The pneumatic GP72 grease pumps with a high compression ratio deliver grease at high pressure both at short and long distances. The GPM65 is useful for where increased flows are required.

Hand Pump

Fits directly into Trico Spectrum lids. Ideal for difficult or hard to reach oil top-off applications such as gearboxes, lathes, and milling machines. Supplied with outlet hose and anti-drip nozzle.

Ezi-action Drum Pumps

Ezi-action Drum Pumps provide an easy method of dispensing a wide range of liquids including strong acids, alkalis, mild solvents, lubricants, oils, and diesel to name a few from 20 litre containers to 200 litre drums.

Maspel 20L Hand Oil Pump

Light to medium grade oils

Maspel 60L Hand Oil Pump

60L drums Light to medium grade oils. Plastic body

Maspel 60L Deluxe Hand Oil Pump

60L drums Light to medium grade oils. Steel body.

Lincoln Lever Action Barrel Pump

60/205L drums, light to medium oils. 414ml/stroke. Removable non drip spout

Lincoln Diaphragm Action Hand Pump

60/205L drums, light to heavy gear oils. Double acting, 475ml/stroke. With 2.4m hose and nozzle.

Lincoln Guardian Rotary Hand Pump

60/205L drums, light to medium oils. Internal check for constant prime, 210cc/rev

Lincoln Rotary Hand Pump with Hose

60/205L drums, light to medium oils. Internal check for constant prime. 2.44m hose with nozzle

Pneumatic Piston Oil Pumps

Faicom oil pumps are available in stub and 205L drum versions. Designed with a double action pumping system to ensure constant delivery of oil.

Lincoln DEF Hand Pump (AdBlue pump)

Adjustable pick-up tube 60L to 180L drums, locking ring to position pump, 1.8m x 3/4” hose with Poly nozzle.

Faicom Pneumatic Pump (AdBlue pump)

suitable for the distribution of low viscosity fluids such as oil, diesel, AdBlue, antifreeze and windshield liquid, and also aqueous solutions with detergents and disinfectents.

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