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Metering Devices

Lubricant Metering Devices

Lubricant metering devices are designed to distribute fixed amounts of lubricant to various lubrication points, or to allocate lubricant to these points consistently over a set time frame.


Types of Metering Devices

VSG Metering Devices

VSG series, with pressures of up to 400 bar (5800 psi), available with up to eight outlets, and each pair of outlets is equipped with an indicator pin for visual monitoring.


SG / SGA Metering Devices

Series (with BPSG base plates), meet industrial needs ranging from small joints to large roller bearings.


SSV Metering Devices

SSV series, can be used with high backpressures (maximum operating pressure is 350 bar), and they are ideally suitable for a wide range of temperatures. Sizes up to 22 outlets.


SSVD Metering Devices

SSVD series, a compact single block, with adjustable output by means of different metering screw sizes.


VPK Metering Devices

The VPK type metering device is a sectional metering device. The metering volume per outlet and cycle of its metering sections ranges from 0,05 cm3 to 0,6 cm3.


SL-1 Injectors

The SL-1 series metering devices are designed for single-line, high-pressure, centralised lubrication systems that dispense lubricants that meet NLGI 2 viscosity requirements and are compatible with flouroelastomer packings. The output can be adjusted externally.


SLC injectors

The modular design of the SKF Lincoln SLC metering device is intended for use in high-pressure single-line lubrication systems. Additionally, metering screws allow for the adjustment of supply volume, assisting in ensuring that the necessary amount of lubricant is applied to each lubrication point.


SL-V Injectors

With its innovative rotary drive and modular gear set, the compact and adaptable pump’s motor can be precisely adjusted to suit your application’s needs.


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