JSG Industrial Systems

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Design, develop and supply engineered industrial systems which increase asset lifetime, reduce operational risk and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Provide products and services which meet the current and future needs of a variety of global sectors including mining, transportation, agriculture, marine, energy, food & beverage, construction and manufacturing. Encourage, nurture and develop our people to play their part as integral members of the extended Sample family and deliver lasting value to our customers, suppliers and communities.

Make a positive impact in the communities in which we operate, including Africa, Indonesia and Australia, through the preservation
of endangered animal species. 


John Sample Group, since 1921, has been a reputable family-owned business leading the market in the supply and distribution of automotive, electronics and industrial systems.

We now aim to be the world’s best, Australian-owned innovator and supplier of engineered industrial systems & services that increase asset lifetime, reduce operational risk, and protect the environment & community.

To achieve our goals, we invest in relationships with our clients and suppliers, developing our people, and instilling our family values in all that we do.


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Our Company Values


Respect is demonstrated by the way in which we treat each other and the environment. True strength requires respectful treatment.


Disciplined behaviours create a more functional system, which in turn creates a safer, cleaner and more profitable environment.


When the truth is spoken without fear of consequence, innovation and better judgement prevail. Truth should be sought without ego or selfish gain.


Be what you say and portray yourself to be. Uphold your promises and commitments.


Competition against others can take you to the top. Competition against yourself will take you far beyond. The human spirit is a power-source of energy.


Continual improvement in your skills and personality requires courage, discipline and effort. The benefits far outweigh the struggle.


Confident people, too often, succumb to arrogance. Humility ensures that confidence has longevity, so long as deep insecurities are overcome.


Together the challenge is easier to surpass. And, the challenge surpassed together brings us closer to one another.

How to Buy

JSG partners with authorised distributors to offer you localised sales, installation and service of our products.
Find a local distributor, contact your local JSG sales representative or our friendly customer services team.

Lubrication Systems

Machine reliability is greatly impacted by lubrication. To help you achieve the highest levels of machine efficiency, safety, and dependability, we offer solutions.

Fire Suppression

A major risk in industrial environments is fire. To meet your needs, we provide a variety of fire suppression systems.

Fluid & Instrumentation

Instrumentation enables better management & control of processes. We provide a selection of options for precise fluid measurement and transfer with minimal downtime.

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